The work of a stripper is draped in various myths. Some people confuse strippers work with prostitution. Although the job of a pole dancer is a creative activity – legal under all laws and not intimate.


Higher than average national earnings. The amount of earnings depends on experience, appearance, ability to dance and communicate with clients.So it only takes time to get used to and get ready for a new job.

From what dancers earn money?

From private dances

The club have private rooms for dancing in private. Private rooms are filmed and guarded by security guards. Usually for private dance you can earn 40% of the amount paid by the client.

From drinks sale

In clubs dancers consume alcohol. If the client buy for the dancer a drink, she receives a 40% of the price of the drink. This fee is also known as “Consumation”.

From tips

The club have a dollar tip system – Dancers receives  40% of the tips.

What helps to earn more?

  • English language (If you don‘t know this language very well – you will learn it during your work).
  • Communicability.
  • Positivity (Girls who looks happy always earn more than those who looks sad),
  • Representative appearance.
  • Knowledge of other languages.

What kind of girls work as strippers?

Another myth is that striptease dancers are not educated or abused girls. There are many cases when striptease dancers are highly educated or seek to get high education. Alternatively, by earning money continues to pursue education or careers in other fields. Mostly girls are between the ages of 18 and 35 (However, there are cases where older, self-caring girls are also employed).

What are the benefits of working as a stripper?

  • Good earnings.
  • Foreign languages developing and learning.
  • Opportunity to travel and work.
  • Gaining more courage against men.
  • Dance helps girls to become more elegant, sexy, flexible. Also, this job helps to be more financially free and most importantly self-confident.
  • It is possible to gain an invaluable opportunity to connect with highly accomplished and interesting people from all over the world and learn great communication skills.
  • You will acquire a distinctive style, and you will learn how to control your appearance to always look great.

5ive Strip Club is situated in the centre of the exclusive resort of Puerto Banus Marbella. The glorious weather of the Costa del Sol makes this an ideal location. Puerto Banus is somewhat a celebrity hotspot and is awash with premiership footballers during the close of the season. Also a good time to work here is from February as it is the beginning of the Golfers season. The Club is situated in a luxurious location with high class, wealthy clientele and tourists. Dancers must be reliable, hardworking, charismatic, attractive and pleasantly shaped due to the high standard of our VIP clients. Best Lap Dancer jobs in Marbella available now.

Pole Dancer

Contract details:
Minimum 2 x weeks
Pole / Lap Dancers are required to work minimum 6 nights per week

Salary / Conditions / Accommodation
Dance prices & Commission:
VIP dances/Champagne sit downs:
150€ – 15 minutes
300€ – 30 minutes
600€ – 1hour.

House Fees: No

Commission you get:
40%  from all dances and 30% for drinks

Dress code:
Sexy, sophisticated, nothing tacky.

We do not allow thongs and see through bottoms (only on stage) dancers are expected to dress in a classy manner while working this should include sexy dresses or skirts and tops. We do require dancers to take part in our fantasy nights I.E Naughty nurses, Cow girls etc.

Every Thursday is white night.

Club Opening Times:
Monday – Sunday 22pm – 04am
Requested arrival time of dancers:
From 09:30pm  late arrivals after 09:45pm will have additional floor fees


150 euro/week/deposit refund it when you leave

Accommodation in luxury complex, apartment 2 bedrooms, 2 dancers/room  is 150euro/week/dancer pending what nr Apartments are available at the time, Close to the Club.

5ive Lap Dance Accommodation


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